Aiming to extend the Allure framework with a nice capability, I developed Java library which allows writing key/value pairs to environment.xml file on runtime, using allure-results directory. Currently, the library supports Allure report with either JUnit or TestNG. It would allow you to:

  • Easily write key/value set to environment.xml file to allure-results directory in any stage of your test.
  • Define the configurable path of ‘allure-results’ directory.
  • Use ImmutableMap object to create an immutable set of values for the environment to contain.
  • GitHub link:

Example of common usage (default path is target/allure-results):

In the TestNG method below, we are making an ImmutableMap object containing hard-coded set of desired…

Given the fact that the nowadays global uncertainty is considered the murkiest in modern history, it’s easy to guess that it largely effects the mood of the masses, with the mass media deeply shaping how we experience the world and ourselves. Curious about the frequency and dynamic of rapid-changing news headlines, I have created a basic system that will consistently and automatically web-scrape the major news sites in Israel (Ynet, Walla and Israel Hayom), and store the headlines as objects in non-relational db, that may have a future use of behavioral/statistical analysis, machine-learning models, etc.

TL;DR — exploring the architecture…

Danny Simantov

Tech Lead @ Stealth Mode Startup

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